The 2015 — 2016 Season has been a GREAT Season!

Good Luck to all who are going to the State Show!

The 2016 — 2017 Season Schedule will be posted soon.

NOTE: July was the final show of the season. Placings will NOT be announced. There will be NO day awards or hi–point announced. There will be no buy–backs. Final Season Results and Standings will be announced at the Awards Banquet in the fall.


Ingalls Park is located at:
the East end of Sixth Street in Norco

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FAST Times, FUN Times for All!

A Special Offer from Dale & Karen Photography

A geat deal for great photographs from the May 14th show.

If I can get 30 riders paying $20.00 each or 15 riders at $40.00 each, I will give each of those riders all of their photos from that day (High Res download) from all events or any past events on a DVD plus $5.00 for shipping.

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Just a Reminder...

  • To qualify for Year–End Awards, you much ride one of the last three shows of the season. (May, June, or July).
  • To qualify for Year–End awards, you MUST work one-half of one event at each show you attend.
  • Cell Phones are NOT allowed while working! Please put your Cell Phone away and stay focused on your job. (This is for safety AND to ensure that times are written down correctly.)
  • You may have someone else work for you (just let us know).
  • Children under 11 years old MUST have an adult accompany them while working.

New and Exciting ... Online Forms ...

Please ensure you completely fill out your Show Sign‑up Form!

FormsThe Importance of Forms: It is very important that every rider fill out the Show Sign‑up form COMPLETELY ... this is not only for the club. It is also for CGA so that all your shows and points are properly recorded for you and your horse.

The Good News: You can download the Sign‑up Form HERE and fill it out once. Then each show, just change the date, print it out and sign it. Much easier and your information will be exactly the same every time!

You saw it here FIRST ... Club Membership AND Show Sign‑up Forms may now be filled out online and saved to your computer or printed out.

You do NOT have to fill in the form again and again for every show ... Click Here for more information.

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